Class Actions & Mass Claims in England & Wales. What's next?

28 February 2024


What is the future of class actions and mass claims in England and Wales?

Location: London
Date: 28 February, 2024
Time: 17:30 BST
Event type: In-person

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Mr Justice Hildyard, High Court Judge, who in 2022 gave a judgment in Autonomy, the first judgment in this jurisdiction on claims under s.90A and Schedule 10A of FSMA.
  • Mr Ben Tidswell, Chairman of the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT), who has been part of the Tribunal in significant CAT cases including Merricks v Mastercard Inc, Dune Group v Visa and Kent v Apple Inc.
  • Professor Rachael Mulheron KC, Professor of Tort Law and Civil Justice at Queen Mary University of London and an academic member of the Civil Justice Council of England and Wales 2009-18, who is widely published in the area of class actions.

Join us for an engaging evening debate that will cover topics including:

  • Are the Courts liberalising their procedures to encourage the growth of class actions in the UK? What is government policy?
  • Do the current procedures strike the right balance between access to justice and stopping unmeritorious class actions from proceeding?
  • Has the bar in CAT for certification of claims been set too low? What is the CAT’s reaction to claims being ’shoe-horned’ into the CAT to take advantage of this? How does the CAT plan to develop its procedures or its ambit in the future?
  • How do the judges of the High Court feel that the rules on representative actions and GLOs are operating? Are they too restrictive? Does there need to be a liberalisation in the rules, or an alternative set of procedural rules to manage mass claims?
  • How much can we learn from class action sin other jurisdictions?
  • How can redress systems be used to settle mass claim? How do redress systems interplay with the developments we expect to see in the CAT?

A drinks reception will follow what will be a very lively panel discussion.

Space is limited so we encourage you to register your interest for this event at your earliest convenience.

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