Real Estate Finance Webinar: Green Loans and Green Leases


Real Estate Finance Webinar: Green Loans and Green Leases

Location: United Kingdom
Time: 13:00 BST
Event type: Online

Although green clauses in leases have existed for over a decade, there has been renewed interest from both landowners and occupiers in recent years in what they are, how they can be effectively implemented and how they can be used by borrowers and lenders in the context of green loans.

We will cover:

  • Introduction to “green leases”: what are they and what is driving the recent interest.
  • Green loans and green leases: how green leases could help borrowers meet green lending requirements and how lenders can consider them in green loans.
  • An overview of the key clauses and the various shades of green.
  • Insights into how landlords are using green leases to implement ESG strategies and facilitate the improvement of the environmental performance of assets.
  • The inclusion of social impact provisions in leases.
  • Industry plans to create a standardised position on green lease provisions.
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